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Who doesn’t like to give gifts to family and friends when we have been on holiday, or perhaps you are looking for a gift for a special occasion or celebration taking place on your return from vacation. Why not think differently and out of the box? Purchasing an Unusual Jewellery Gift will certainly be an eye-opener for those being gifted and something that will be remembered. The element of surprise causes great emotions in both the giver and receiver and not to mention the intrigued looks of those around observing or a mere passerby when they notice the item that you are wearing.

Been On Holiday – found this for you

Purchasing a gift for a family member, friend, colleague or just a little something for ourselves as a momentum can often lead to a headache and sometimes a little frustration may creep in, especially if you’ve left this to the last minute. The easiest way around this is to make a list of all those people you wish to purchase a gift for and keep this with you at all times, because when you are out and about, whether its heading to the beach, on a tour somewhere or just a leisurely walk, you may come across that ideal gift. This time why not think differently, don’t buy the usual holiday type present, look for something unique, unconventional and something completely away from the norm, in doing so you will completely surprise the recipient and it will no doubt become a talking point.

Out Of The Norm – where do I find it

Holiday destinations tend to have more than a handful of outlets that sell mainly to tourists and visitors, these outlets do all tend to sell the same sort of items, but occasionally you may come across a gem of a shop that deals with unique and unusual jewellery – hey presto – just what you’ve been looking for, but on the other hand this may not always be the case, so what are your options? Why not ask the locals, they could point you in the right direction to finding a little “out of the way” shop or business, something that is not on the usual tourist foot fall, also some holiday companies may often arrange outings to obscure places dealing with unique items, jewellery being one of them. Another option is speaking to other holiday makers, who knows, maybe they have stumbled across a hidden shop tucked away down a little side street or they may be aware of a street vendor who is only there at certain times. Ask, you never know where it may lead you.


What Type Of Gift – the selection process

Luckily for you jewellery is light and won’t take up too much space in your luggage, so that’s one headache out of the way. The next question is…..how do I select the idea gift? This is simple, take a look at your surroundings, where are you? what is the tradition or culture? what is native to your location? Above all…..is it different? Remember that you want to give the element of surprise to the person you are gifting so be creative in your selection.

Selection in brief…….

  • Tradition & Culture – incorporate this into your gift selection
  • Native to location – what is native to the location, pearls, gems, precious stones
  • The receiver – is it an item they would wear
  • Occasion – why are you giving a gift, is it a special occasion or celebration
  • Above All – is it DIFFERENT???

Look What I Got – surprise, surprise

Obviously being on holiday, hopefully in an exotic location, you will be exposed to many wonderful and unique pieces of jewellery, the likes of which you will not have seen in your native country. Some of these jewellery items maybe very decorative in keeping with the culture of the country you are visiting or they could be just that little bit quirky, something to catch the eye, that will intrigue and become a topic of conversation. Remember your aim is to surprise, and in surprising it will be something remembered each and every time the item of jewellery is worn or commented on.

Not Been On Holiday – not a problem

Giving something different and unusual doesn’t necessarily mean that one has to travel to far-reaching and exotic places to acquire the perfect gift, whatever the occasion or celebration the selection can now-a-days be carried out in the comfort of our own homes, with our feet up and a cuppa at our side, yes, the internet is a wonderful aid that is used by billions worldwide every day and gives us a great selection and a wealth of ideas at the touch of a button. The internet allows you to purchase items from far and wide, sometimes the likes of which you may never have seen before or even thought existed. But having said that, sometimes we can get overwhelmed by the vast amount of choices that are available to us, so it helps to have a rough idea of what we are looking for.

Narrow down those searches…….enjoy that cuppa and be stress free…….think about a few of the following factors

  • What is the occasion/celebration
  • Who is it for
  • What price range
  • Do you want something funky, quirky or exquisite
  • Is it to be practical or a gimmick
  • Something from another country/culture

Of course, you may have other search criteria in mind, but whatever they are, a list will help.

Unusual Says It All – you’ve gone and done it

Not all gifts have to be bought from expensive designer shops, a gift from a stall dealing with unusual and unique handcrafted jewellery pieces can have just the same pleasing effect. You want to create an element of surprise and intrigue to the person you are gifting, so go beyond the normal boundaries and think unconventional and unusual, incorporate tradition and culture in your gift purchase, whether you are in Africa with all its array of colours or in a country that cultivates pearls, somebody somewhere has created that unusual piece of jewellery that is going to be eye-catching to both the person receiving the gift but also any person observing it.


REMEMBER  their surprise – will be the surprise they REMEMBER!!!

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