Unusual Jewellery Gifts – It’s A Wrap

Having purchased the ideal “Unusual Jewellery Gift” for your loved one, family member, friend or colleague it only seems fitting that it should now be presented beautifully wrapped and alluring to the receiver, giving a gift to somebody in a plastic bag hardly seems appropriate when you have gone that extra mile searching the four corners of the globe to find something completely different and out of the ordinary. Here is an opportunity for you to excel yourself and present your gift expertly wrapped, thereby making the receiver feel reluctant to open it, yet on the other hand excited to find out what is contained within.

Like icing on a cake, the decoration is just as important as the gift itself


You’ve Found The Gift – now let’s find the wrapping

You’ve spent time finding that Unusual and Unique gift, now let’s spend a little time selecting the correct wrapping that is befitting of such a gift. There are many types of gift wrappings available, but what type to use largely depends on the gift itself, if it is an unusual shaped gift it may be difficult to wrap it using gift paper, in which case it might be more suitable to use a gift box or a gift bag. Another factor to take into account is whether the gift is of a delicate nature, if so some kind of protective material may be required, when all said and done, having purchased the ideal gift we don’t want to break it while in the process of wrapping it.

A few factors to bear in mind when wrapping gifts……..

  • What is the gift itself?
  • Is it fragile?
  • Can I wrap it in gift paper?
  • Do I require protective materials?
  • Would a gift box or gift bag be more appropriate?
  • What is the occasion?
  • Who is the gift for?
  • Have I got all the necessary items required for wrapping?


With so much available to us these days the selection process requires time, to ensure we obtain the correct wrapping material to enhance the gift giving experience and enthrall the receiver.


What’s The Occasion? – correct wrapping required

Why did you purchase the gift? What are you celebrating? What is the occasion? Obviously the gift has been purchased to celebrate a special occasion, a birthday, an anniversary, a wedding or just to merely say thank you, there are a host of reasons, but for whatever reason, you are “communicating” with the receiver, showing love and affection, joy of an achievement or a simple appreciation and you want to enhance the communicating experience both for the receiver and yourself by presenting your gift enticingly wrapped. It is therefore necessary to select the appropriate wrapping material, you can hardly wrap your gift in birthday wrapping paper when it is a wedding gift, equally so a gift intended for an aunt shouldn’t be wrapped in Christmas wrapping paper. Whatever the occasion, there’s certainly a wide range of wrappings available to us all, whether you choose to be conventional or unconventional, inventive or experimental, remember that presentation is everything.


Gift Wrapping With A Difference – be innovative

How about getting creative in your gift wrapping and come up with a unique and innovative idea that would surely intrigue the recipient.


    • For the traveler – why not try wrapping your gift in a map, be it a world map or a street map it would surely make an “Enjoyable Journey”
    • For the music lover – who says that sheet music is purely written for musicians, a gift wrapped in this would definitely be a “Sweet Note”
    • For the DIYer – how about brightening up a dull, plain looking box with colourful paint swatches, arranged at different angles around a box can transform it into a delightful presentation box.
    • For the book worm – make your gift wrapping something worth “reading about” by using book pages, completely different and very effective when complimented with a nice bow.
    • For the photographer – For uniqueness a photo printed on paper makes the ideal gift wrap for the photo enthusiast “Smile Please”
    • For the puzzler – who doesn’t like a word search, how about turning it into…yes, you guessed it, gift wrap, two in one, a gift and also a word search puzzler to keep them “amused”
    • For that dear aunt – who says brown paper is dull, liven it up by using a paper doily and writing your greeting in the centre, finish this of with a nice bow and ribbon and there you have it, unique but effective gift wrapping.


Just a few simple but effective ideas







Not all gifts necessarily have to be wrapped or placed in a gift box or gift bag. Some people like to give money so the receiver can buy a gift chosen by themselves. A gift of money is usually presented inside a card, but why not do it differently next time, bet you’ve never thought about presenting your money gift using a balloon, a balloon I hear you say, yes, quite simple, purchase a clear balloon, roll your gift money up and place inside the balloon along with some confetti, inflate with helium and attach some ribbons, this is sure to go with a “BANG

A few simple, but effective idea’s, I’m sure you will be able to come up with a lot more of you own, remember brown paper or even newspaper, come to think about it, can be used as gift wrapping, these can then be enhanced and made elaborate with the addition of bows and ribbons. What’s stopping you? Be creative and get those ideas rolling.


Tag It – the finishing touch

Your gift is now all wrapped and just waiting for the finishing touch, yes, I’m referring to the gift tag, no gift is complete without a gift tag being attached and this is an ideal way to further express your feelings and communicate with the receiver. What can you write on your gift tag? This of course again depends on the occasion.

Here are just a few ideas:

For the wedding gift

  • Best wishes to you guys, love and happiness always
  • Wishing you both fun filled adventures in married life
  • Best wishes for an amazing future together
  • May love and happiness follow you both where ever life leads you

For your loved one

  • Love you to infinity
  • You are my world and it’s better because you are in it
  • You came into my life and bought me joy and happiness
  • There are only two times that I want to be with you – Now and Forever

For general gifts

  • Here’s a little something for just being you
  • You are priceless, thanks for being there
  • Thanks for being awesome
  • Found this and thought of you

The wording on the tag can make all the difference, it doesn’t have to be an essay, just a few simple words can make a person feel loved, cherished and appreciated.

It’s A Wrap!!!

Whoever said gift wrapping had to be conventional, far from it, be creative and imaginative, think outside the box. Remember you are giving somebody a gift to mark an occasion, a time of celebration, and here is an opportunity for you to excel yourself by wrapping your gift differently, showing you have put thought, not only into the gift itself, but also into the gift wrapping. Can you imagine the feelings of joy and happiness that you will be bestowing on the receiver, not to mention the emotions you will be creating within yourself. Presenting a uniquely wrapped gift will surely stand out and be remembered, definitely intriguing the recipient. Giving gifts is a form of communication between the giver and the receiver, whether this be love and affection or appreciation and thankfulness, what better way to enhance this communication by being different and giving a uniquely wrapped gift.

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  1. Brian says:

    Presenting the perfect gift to family members and friends has always been a challenge for me. This post really helped. Thank you.

    1. Thank you for your comment. Pleased my post was of some help to you.

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