Unusual Jewellery Gifts – Surprise Your Special Lady

Has there been times when you have been totally at a loss as to what gift to purchase for that special lady, whether it’s a wife, girlfriend, mother, sister, aunt or a good friend/colleague? Maybe even something for the woman who has everything. I know I have and I’m sure it’s the same for many of you, well now’s the time to think UNIQUE and QUIRKY, time to be different, unconventional and stick out from the rest, time to give the gift that is guaranteed to surprise.

Show her that she’s special and deserves to be spoilt, not just with the usual chocolates and flowers, but with something you have really thought about, something unusual that you have lovingly purchased, so why not select an unusual jewellery gift, never thought on these lines, well now’s the ideal opportunity

There are many great idea’s available, whether it’s something girly or something to show you love her, you really can be different.


Whoever they are and whatever they like………….GIVE THE ELEMENT OF SURPRISE!!!


What’s The Occasion?

During the year there are many occasions in which we like to celebrate by giving gifts…..




Mothers Day



Just to mention a few. Sometimes you many just want to give a gift to show your appreciation or just to say thank you, but whatever the occasion or celebration, uniqueness will by far give a greater element of surprise to the recipient and create a reaction that surpasses the norm. Be that person to make your gift stand out and be remembered.


Why Different Is Special – being individual

Why would you give the special person in your life something they’ve seen before when you can give them something unusual and unique? When givers give gifts, they are trying to hone in on the moment they give the gift and see the smile and delight on the recipients face during the act of gifting, this smile and delight can be enhanced 10 fold by being the person gifting a loved one something completely different to the norm and totally unexpected. Not only does this please that special lady but also generates a warmth within ourselves, and unusual gifts are always remembered.

Like magpies, ladies are attracted to shiny and sparkling items, hence why jewellery is the perfect gift for any lady, but by going that extra mile in choosing something unusual, unique and exquisite will show her just how special and deserving she is, and what better way to heighten the moment of giving, than to gift her something individual and distinctive, let it be something she is proud to display, make her the envy of all her friends.

The trick to giving a great gift is to think past the fleeting moment of actually handing it over.


Where Do You Start – let the search begin

Take time and think about the person you are purchasing the gift for, what are their likes and dislikes? It’s certainly not a good idea to buy a necklace for a lady who doesn’t wear them and finds something around her neck to be irritable or a bracelet that you know she won’t wear because of it catching on things, so show her that you have taken these into account when making your selection of the gift.

There are of course other factors to consider during your selection process, some of these being:

  • The occasion – is it for a big occasion or celebration, a little thank you gift or just a gift to say I Love You!
  • Who is it for – all ladies in our life are special, but the gifts will differ according to age, likes and dislikes
  • Type of gift – what would please your special lady the most, earrings, a bracelet, necklace or ring
  • Appearance – is your special lady more suited to delicate jewellery or is outlandish and colourful more her style
  • Material – gold or silver, it’s probably best sticking to what they currently have unless you know they’d accept change
  • Colour – when purchasing jewellery which contains stones or gems select one that will contrast with an item/s of clothing they already have

For somebody who has maybe always chosen the safe option and purchased chocolates and flowers on special occasions, buying something out of the norm may seem very daunting and nerve wracking, but remember your aim here is to give the element of surprise, something she would never have expected. During your selection process you could enlist the help of family and friends of your loved one, ask them for advice, what they think they would like, what you should steer clear of. What does your loved one wear colour wise, is it one particular colour or a variety of colours, does she tend to wear rings, bracelets or bangles more than anything else, take note and incorporate these within your selection criteria.


Locating The Gift – think local

You’ve now got a rough idea of the gift you want to purchase, having taken into account all the various elements given to you by family and friends and what you yourself have observed, now you have the task of where to find your ideal jewellery gift. Now-a-days many people tend to turn to the internet for purchases, with its vast amount of options available to us, but in doing so there are a few factors to take into account, firstly, you have to consider the delivery aspect, is the item readily available, where is it coming from, will there be a time delay, you certainly don’t want it to be late and having to explain to your special lady that she’s got to wait for her gift, as this will only cause negative feelings all around. Secondly, will the item actually be like the one depicted when you placed your order, in some instances an item can look very attractive when displayed, but upon receiving it you think straight away it’s not exactly as it was shown and you instantly become deflated and disappointed, knowing you now have to locate another gift, maybe with very little or no time to achieve this.

What are your other options? The first that springs to mind is a jewellers, while this obviously gives you the option of viewing an item before purchasing, it doesn’t always offer uniqueness, often being mass-produced and available to everybody off the high street, remember your aim is to be unique and unusual……after all, you are seeking that element of surprise. Another option is to again return to the internet but this time search for local businesses that deal in the manufacture of unusual jewellery, you can obtain their location and pay them a visit thereby allowing you to view their jewellery before purchasing. An even better option, why not design your own piece of jewellery and locate a company that can create it for you, this would certainly be unique and definitely a one off, can you imagine the delight of your special lady upon receiving such an original gift….dare I say more!!!


All Done – ready to give the gift

The day has arrived, time to present your chosen gift. You’ve lovingly thought about the gift, listened to the views of family and friends, taken into account your observations and have searched endearingly for the ideal unusual gift, whichever way you chose to purchase your gift, be it via the internet, a local jewellery manufacturer or whether you went all out and designed and had the item made yourself, I’m sure you’re just as excited at the prospect of giving your gift as the person just about to receive it. Remember giving gifts is a form of communication and what better way to express these feelings than giving something completely…..OUT OF THE NORM!!!


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